Congratulations to the 2021 Scholarship Winners

Dear Erie County Buckeyes,

Congratulations on being selected by our Scholarship Committee as being one of the very best OSU students from Erie County and a recipient of an Ohio State University Scholarship from the OSU Alumni Club of Erie County for the 2021-2022 Academic Year. Your $1,000 award will be sent directly to Ohio State and distributed by the University by being posted on your Bursar’s account for next fall and spring semesters. Check out our recorded event here.

Also, we would like to invite you and your parents to our Alumni Club’s annual Spring Banquet at which we will recognize our remarkable scholarship recipients. This year’s Banquet will be held on online via Zoom. The Banquet will feature a special keynote speaker associated with the University. Date and other details to be announced.

Look for further well deserved recognition on our Club’s website

Go Buckeyes!
Scholarship Committee, OSU Alumni Club of Erie County
Dan Frederick, Babe Sidoti, Mike Leffler, Pete Kowalski, John Schlessman

Incoming OSU freshman scholars:
Victoria Eytchison, Huron HS, selected as our top scholar
Sofia Stefano, Huron HS
Riley Fry, Huron HS
Sydney Ralosfsky, Sandusky HS, awarded Jimm Corso Memorial Scholarship
Luke Legando, Huron HS
Dyson Leffler, Perkins HS, awarded the Robert Hower Memorial Scholarship
Cross Fetter, St. Mary Central Catholic HS
Grace Kosier, Perkins HS

Upperclassman OSU scholars:
Stephen Demos, Huron alum, OSU sophomore
Trinity Patton, Vermilion alum, OSU junior
Allison Gresh, Huron alum, OSU sophomore
Ryan Johnson, Perkins alum, OSU sophomore, awarded the Mark Freeland Smith Scholarship
Alexis Whited-Gant, Sandusky alum, OSU sophomore
Gabriella Sasala, Huron alum, OSU sophomore
Jake Jordan, Huron alum, OSU junior
Breana Keyser, Edison alum, OSU sophomore